10 Best danco 88103 in Reviews

1. Danco 88103 Repair Kit for Delta/Peerless Single-Handle Faucets, Black, White, Stainless Steel

Features :

  • Designed for repair on single-handle faucets
  • Repairs both #70 and #212 ball faucets
  • Replaces Delta part #RP3614
  • Used for kitchen, lavatory, and tub/shower faucets
  • Compatible with most Delta single handle old-style or new-style faucets
  • For hot and cold water applications
  • Includes (2) short seats, (2) long springs, (2) conical springs, (2) cams, (1) cam packing, (2) O-rings (1-1/2 x 1-1/4 x 1/8), (2) O-rings (1-1/2 x 1-5/16 x 3/32) & (1) hex wrench
  • Complies with the reduction of lead in drinking water act

Additional Info :

Color Black, White, Stainless Steel
Item Dimensions
Height 4.5
Width 2.7
Length 1.7
Weight 0.05

2. Danco 80726 Delta Repair Kit

Features :

  • For Delta Kitchen Faucets
  • For lever style handle repair
  • For faucets made prior to 1976

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 5
Width 1.5
Length 4

3. Danco 88101 Repair Kit For Delta/Delex 2-Handle Faucet

Features :

  • Faucet stem repair kit
  • For Delta-Delex stems
  • Perfect match

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 5
Width 1
Length 4
Weight 0.05

4. Danco 80465 Repair Kit for Delta Handle Faucet Scald-Guard

Features :

  • Complete repair kit for Delta Scard Guard Faucets
  • Includes seats and springs
  • O-rings to repair pressure balance and non-pressure balance
  • Complete repair kit for Delta Scard Guard Faucets
  • O-rings to repair pressure balance and non-pressure balance

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 3.25
Width 3
Length 5
Weight 0.02

5. DANCO Waterproof Silicone Faucet Grease | Silicone Sealant | Plumbers valve Grease for O-rings | 0.5 oz. | 1-Pack (88693)

Features :

  • PLUMBERS FAUCET AND VALVE GREASE Ideal for lubricating faucet stems valves and cartridges when repairing a leaky faucet
  • LUBRICANT GREASE Contains high raw silicone content making it better for long term lubricant hold & helps hard-turning faucets work smoothly
  • NSF 61 APPROVED designed for use as a waterproof lubricant on faucets valve stems cartridges and is safe for nitrite/rubber O-rings
  • SAFE No chemical contamination to drinking water Retains its consistency in temperatures from -40° to 400° F
  • ODORLESS and COLORLESS Odorless scent makes this product easy to work with during application and no pigment for clean use
  • RESISTANCE The grease is water resistant and oxidation resistant Silicone faucet grease helps reduce friction and provides long-lasting lubrication
  • HOUSEHOLD USES Our silicone sealant can be used to lubricate lubricate door hinges threads on shower heads & bolts toilet gaskets and flashlight O-rings

Additional Info :

Color Clear
Item Dimensions
Height 3
Width 2.75
Length 4.63
Weight 0.06

6. Danco 86970 Cartridge Repair Kit for Delta Single Handle Fauce, Brass

Features :

  • COMPLETE REPAIR KIT – This complete cartridge repair kit with help fix dripping faucets
  • DELTA FAUCETS #70 BALL – This repair kit works with faucets with #70 style ball for kitchen and bathroom sink faucets.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES – (4) seats, (4) springs, (2) cams, (4) o-rings, #70 ball and hex wrench for installation
  • SAVE WATER & ENERGY – Some faucets overtime can develop a leak that leads to a waste of water, money and energy
  • DURABLE AND RELIABLE CONSTRUCTION: The plastic construction provides strength and reliability.HOT and COLD APPLICATIONS: This replacement faucet stem is compatible with hot and cold water applications.COMPLIANT: Complies with the Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act (RLDWA)

Additional Info :

Color Brass
Item Dimensions
Height 6
Width 3
Length 5
Weight 0.11

7. Danco 86971 Repair Kit for Delta with Number 212 SS Ball

Features :

  • Danco 11-Piece repair kit for Delta helps restore a leaky faucet
  • Replacing the worn out parts in the faucet will create a better seal and help prevent water leaks
  • This kit is ideal for single-handle faucets and contains the parts needed to Repair Delta old-style and new-style faucets
  • Package dimensions: 5.0″ L x 3.0″ W x 6.0″ H

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 6
Width 3
Length 5

8. Danco 80702 Peerless Repair Kit

Features :

  • Contains: Cam Packing, Cam Rubber Seats, Springs, O-Rings, Slip Ring And Allen Wrench
  • Made From High Quality Materials And Highly Durable
  • Manufactured In Taiwan
  • From The Brand Name: Danco

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 1
Width 2
Length 3
Weight 0.05

9. Danco (88952) Sink Hole Cover 2-inch Diameter, Chrome Finish, 1-Pack

Features :

  • DISCREETLY COVER SINK HOLES: Stainless-steel finish provides stylish look to hide extra kitchen sink holes
  • RUST RESISTANT: Easy to install with no tools required, rust resistant quality provides long lasting performance in your kitchen sink with your kitchen fixtures
  • EXTRA DEFENSE: Removed post style basket with kitchen sink hole cover catches unwanted debris
  • DIMENSIONS: 1.5-inch long screw x 2-inch outer diameter of the top.
  • STYLISH DESIGN: Smooth flange cover in stainless steel finish provides an aesthetic that will match your current kitchen appliances
  • It’s important not to overtighten when hand-tightening; doing so can cause strain and item can break.

Additional Info :

Color Chrome
Item Dimensions
Height 5
Width 4
Length 2.1

10. Danco 80743 Repair Kit, For Use with Delta/Peerless 1130, 1230 & 8710 Faucets, Plastic, White

Features :

  • Plastic contruction provides durability
  • Designed to repair single handle faucets
  • Compatible with Delta/Peerless Models #1130, #1230, #8710
  • Use on faucets manufactured after 1976

Additional Info :

Color White
Item Dimensions
Height 3
Width 2
Length 1

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