Indian Railways Steps For Passenger Safety

Indian Railways has taken different kind steps in their trains and as well as in their railway stations for their passengers. These steps are related to their security and safety purpose. These steps are taken with the coordination of Government Railway Police. These steps helps the passengers feel more safety and secure in trains as well as railway stations. Indian Government has provided lot of budget for highest priority to passenger safety. Key steps for passengers by Indian Railways are given below:

  • Treat pathways of Indian railways station platforms with no budget restrictions.
  • Treat Indian railways station platforms with no budget restrictions.
  • Treat FOBs with no budget restrictions.
  • Provide CCTV cameras in train coaches and railways stations. So passenger’s safety becomes more enhanced.
  • For field work 200 officers are relocated from head offices.
  • In locomotives, anti fog led lights are installed.
  • Special inspections by officers.
  • Railway protection forces are added in trains for various routes or sections in different states of India.
  • Railway helpline number 139 will operate 24X7. This number will help passengers for their security related assistance.
  • Indian Railways are in touch with passengers in various social platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. This social platform will help for passengers of their security related quires.
  • Frequent announcements by Indian Railway persons in their stations in speakers will help passengers to take precautions against snatching, theft, drugging etc.
  • Special drives are conducted by Railway protection police force. This drive will help to prevent unauthorized persons in railway premises or in trains.
  • Railway station security plan is available in major railway stations.
  • Help line number 139 will helps passengers related quires like PNR status, security related issues, seat availability, train running status etc.
  • Surveillance cameras are installed in railway stations.
  • CCTV cameras are installed in 668 railway stations and 2931 coaches. This will improve security of passengers.
Indian railways safety tips

Indian Railways Travel Safety Precautions For Passenger

The various steps for passenger’s safety are given below:

  • If the train is in motion, then don’t enter the train. It is very dangerous to life.
  • If the train is in motion, then don’t leave the train. It is very dangerous to life.
  • Don’t open the doors, if the train is running.
  • Never lean out of the windows, when the train is in motion.
  • Always avoid foot board travel.
  • Always travel with light luggage. Book the bulk luggage in railway station parcel counter.
  • Discourage unauthorized vendors and beggars.
  • If you have any compliant, then feel free to book the compliant. The compliant book is available at station master or train super dent officer or guards or conductor.
  • If you found any unidentified or unattended baggage, then inform to any railway officer. It will help to travel with more safety and saves many life’s.
  • Help the railways in many ways, and then Indian Railways will serve us in a better way.

Important Rules For Indian Railways Passenger

While travel in Indian Railways trains, we have to remember the following rules. It will help us to travel in more safety way.

  • Travel with proper train ticket.
  • If ticket collector of Indian Railways asks to show the train ticket, then we have must and should show the train ticket.
  • There is a penalty for ticket less or irregular travel.
  • The penalty should be up to thousand rupees (Rs 1000) or it will be imprisonment for up to 6 months or it will both. So always travel with train ticket.
  • Secure your luggage. You are full responsibility of your luggage. And there is no responsibility by Indian Railways. If any lose of luggage, you have compliant at railway police stations.
  • If you don’t require any fans or lights, then switch off them.
  • Always keep surroundings in train and railway station in clean and hygienic.
  • Don’t split in coaches of train or in railway stations.
  • Use transistor or radio with ear phones.
  • In nights, close or secure doors or windows.
  • Don’t disturb fellow passengers.
  • Don’t occupy berth of seat, which one reserved for someone else.

Emergency Guidelines For Indian Railways Passenger

In emergency, we have to remember the following guidelines.

  • To stop the train, please pull the chain in your coach of Indian Railway trains.
  • Use fire extinguisher for fire accidents in trains. This fire extinguisher is available with coach attendant.
  • In case of emergency like fire accidents etc then use the emergency window to escape from the train.
  • Follow the instructions written on emergency window or emergency exit for exit from emergency window.
  • Break the emergency widow with hammer to escape from emergency window in case of emergency.

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