Indian Railway Services

Railway transportation is playing crucial role in India and also globe. In India, Indian Railways is the only primary railway transportation. It is the important mode for people transportation and also goods transportation. It is a state owned organization of the Ministry of Railways, Government of India. Indian Railways are earning great deal of amount through both passenger transportation and goods transpiration.

In case of Parcel transportation, several courier companies are utilizing the services of Indian Railways. Specially, India Post is utilizing the Indian Railways to transport their parcels, consignments, articles etc. India Post has tied up with Indian Railways. With the collaboration of Indian Railways, India Post has extended their services across every corner of India. The speed post tracking is the best service provided by India Post to Indian citizens. The best advantage for India Post tie up with Indian Railways is that transportation charges are low, fastest delivery and convenience.

The services offered by Indian Railways are given below:

  • Passenger Railways.
  • Freight services.
  • Parcel carrier.
  • Catering and tourism services.
  • Parking lot operations.
  • PNR Status checking.
  • Seat availability checking.
  • Train running status checking.
  • Train time table services.
  • Current reservation services.
  • Ticket booking services.
  • Parcel booking services.

Indian Railway Help Line Number Services

Indian Railways has introduced the help line number for their passengers. And the Indian Railways helpline number is 139. This help line number is useful in case of enquiry, help and grievance re addressable during travel. This number is useful for all in one service of Indian Railways. The all in one services are given below:

  • Security related issues.
  • Onboard compliant.
  • Medical emergency services.
  • Accident information.
  • Cleaning of coaches.
  • Catering compliant.
  • Vigilance and anti corruption services.
  • PNR Status checking.
  • Train running status checking.
  • Seat availability checking.
  • Other related issues.
Indian Railway Services

Indian Railway Coach Mitra Services

Indian Railways has bought coach mitra services to their passengers. It is a SMS based services. Coach Mitra offers the services like coach cleaning, electrical services, linen or bed roll services, pest control or disinfectants services, petty repairs, toilet cleaning services and watering services.

When we want to send a sms relate to above services, then we have to mention with a English alphabet. These English alphabets are fixed by Indian Railways and those are given below:

  • C – Coach cleaning services.
  • E – Electrical services.
  • L – Linen or Bed Roll Services.
  • P – Pest control or Disinfectants services.
  • R – Petty repair services.
  • T – Toilet cleaning services.
  • W – Watering services.

Using the above letters, we have to send sms to 139 for these services. The sms format will be “OB<SPACE><COMPLAINT TYPE><SPACE><PNR><SPACE>DESCRIPTION”. In this sms complaint type and PNR number are mandatory. Some of the examples are given below:

  • OB T 2464128955 Toilet is not cleaned.
  • OB E 9856147254 Fan is not working.
  • OB W 2347541245 Water is not coming.
  • OB R 5487321425 Light is not working.

The important information to railway passengers from Indian Railways is that the passengers do not make coach dirty. Passenger has not thrown any rubbish, garbage, poly bags, packing material plastic, papers etc in the coach. Anyone can not paste unauthorized posters. Defacing or writing in the coach interior is strictly prohibited by Indian Railways. If any person violets these rules, then Indian Railways will punish him or her with a fine up to five hundred rupees (Rs 500).

Indian Railway Hygienic Services

Indian Railways are suggesting and taking many hygienic services for their passengers and they are given below:

  • Whenever the passenger wants to use the toilet in train or railway station, please always flush the toilet before and after use.
  • In case of western type of toilets, the passenger must not soil the toilet seat.
  • Always keep the lavatory clean and dry.
  • The passenger should not throw any waste in to the toilet.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in trains and railway stations. If anyone found smoking, then they will be punishable with Rs 200.
  • Remember that don’t throw any lighted match stick in trains. It will cause fire in trains and take lives of passengers into dangerous.
  • Don’t carry any explosives.
  • Don’t carry any dangerous goods in train coaches and railway stations like fire, gas cylinders, crackers etc.
  • Don’t carry any inflammable articles in train coaches and railway stations like petrol, diesel, kerosene etc.
  • Don’t light any cigarette or gas stove or kerosene stove or etc.
  • Always help the Indian Railways to reach the passengers in safety and securely.

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