About Teewe

Play anything on your TV at any time from the comfort of your couch. Teewe brings entertainment to you with a hint of lazy. Teewe is an HDMI Dongle, which allows you to stream media wirelessly via a smartphone application to your television. Get the device home, plug it into your TV's HDMI, download the app and you are good to go!

Teewe is our flagship product. We are obsessed with making great electronic products that are extremely affordable. A connected home entertainment experience is the next step in the smart life evolution and we aim to be at the forefront of it.

About The Brains Behind Teewe

We are a young team of engineers that are obsessed with building great electronic products. We come from the best technology startups and have contributed in building a variety of products right from games to big data analytics products. We believe that we are building a global product which can disrupt the way people consume content in their homes.


Sai Srinivas Kiran G

Chief Executive Officer, CEO

Sai comes from a Gaming background and spent a good part of his working career building and shipping consumer products. He holds a Bachelors degree in Aeronautical Engineering from IIT Kanpur and previously did stints with Zynga as a Product Manager and Bharti Soft Bank as the Director of Product. At Zynga he was directly responsible for Yoville till 2012 and later setup and did the hiring for Bharti Soft Bank's Bangalore based Gaming Studio responsible for titles like SongQuest and over 500,000 downloads on the play store.

Shubham Malhotra

Chief Technology Officer, CTO

Shubham is the in house Tech Junkie, he comes with a rich experience of building strong engineering teams. He was one of the first employees at Capillary Tech. In his previous gig Shubh was responsible for all engineering efforts at Tiny Mogul Games, a Bharti Softbank Company. Shubh holds a Bachelors in Electronics and Instrumentation from BITS Pilani, Goa Campus.